Vitamin C Facial Exfoliant

 A gentle facial exfoliant to polish the skin with antioxidant and Vitamin C rich botanicals. 
Vitamin C is crucial to shield the skin from environmental stress. It can also prevent collagen breakdown which will leave the skin tighter, firmer, and brighter. 
Real Vitamin C is part of something living, not a compound produced in a lab. Pure Fruits and Botanicals from the Earth provide the richest source of Vitamin C. When applied topically, our body recognizes the life force of these ingredients and knows exactly how to absorb their benefits.
Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Maqui Berry, Camu Camu, Rosehip, Saffron, Yuzu + Sweet Orange.
To use: Pour a dime size amount of powder into your palm or ritual bowl and activate with carrier oil of your choice. We recommend the Un-Oil Cleansing Elixir. For best results use once or twice a week after cleansing. Be sure to apply sunscreen after AM use.

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